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Moving Humanity Forward


When devices become more intelligent, We no longer need Google and Facebook. Kimera is combining powerful AI with blockchain to proactively make P2P connections across ANY industry.  Right now we depend on middlemen like Google and Facebook for content and services. But when our devices become intelligent enough to make their own peer-to-peer connections, we will slowly reduce the need for these middlemen.

About Kimera


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is like a brain. It can learn about the world and make decisions the way a human can. Scientifically speaking, our AGI learns what needs to change in our environment to help users achieve their goals. While the AGI is like the “brain”, apps and devices around the global network are like the body parts that the AGI can use to make changes in the world.

Kimera is the only company in the world that has a working AGI. We call it “Nigel AGI”.




There were over 200 million smartphones manufactured in 2017. But these and other digital devices have to go through middlemen to connect with content and services. You have to go to Facebook to see photos of your friends. You have to go through Uber to get a ride.

This model limits what users and developers can do, since these powerful middlemen control everything.


At Kimera, we will use Nigel AGI to make existing devices more intelligent to provide real-time solutions for everyday life. Nigel AGI comprehends what you are doing and why you are doing it, and will be able to orchestrate changes in our environment to help you reach your goal, whatever that may be.

Rather than having to go to an app store, your phone will know which apps you need, when you need them, and will proactively suggest them to you to simplify your life. Your phone would know when you need a ride, and connect you directly to a driver.

Making devices intelligent will enable the Internet to proactively establish peer-to-peer connections, and as a result, middleman services will eventually no longer be needed.




AGI is a highly advanced and complex technology. It required years of research and creative thinking to develop. Because Kimera wants this technology to be owned by humanity, we want the technological community to understand it.

Kimera’s AGI is based on the General Theory of Intelligence, which defines intelligence from a quantum physics perspective, rather than a neuroscience approach.

To accomplish general learning, our single algorithm machine learning focuses on learning cause and effect by observing reality through users’ devices. This knowledge is encoded into “subnets” which are used to build cause-and-effect-centric spacetime models. These models are used to understand what needs to change in reality to help people achieve their goals.


Board Representation

Kimera token-holders will have a strong voice in the decision making of the company. Kimera’s board of directors will have two seats where only token-holders can vote.

Token Buy-Back

Users will be given the option to pay in fiat currencies for AGI transactions, but that currency will automatically be used to buy Kimera tokens on the exchange, and those tokens will be used to complete the transaction. This automatic buy-back system will create a unique ecosystem that should put a positive pressure on the token value.

Tokens are Backed by Intellectual Property

As our AGI technology learns and grows, so will our token usage. Because Kimera tokens are backed by our IP, there is also a theoretical floor to the token value.

The Team

Mounir Shita

Founder & CEO

James Whitley

Chief Operations Officer

Nick Gilman

Chief Sales Officer

Carl Johnson

Head of Product

Stephen Hall

head of Engineering

Gabriele Viebach

Head of International Relations

Miika Mantyvaara

VP of Business Development

Simen Burud

Senior Software Engineer

Will Mayall

Senior Database Engineer

Frank Torres

Senior Software Engineer

Morgan Ferguson, PhD

Chief of Staff and Science

Adam Peer

Head of Marketing

Kartik Gada

ICO Advisor & Stanford Lecturer

Professor Dr Jan vom Brocke, PhD

ICO & Token Economics Advisor

Dushan Spalevich

ICO Advisor

Andrew Shishkin

Smart Contract Advisor

Shahar Namer

ICO Advisor, CEO of The ICO Rocket

Rebecca Leach

Rebecca Leach International Business & Political Advisor

Faris Mubarak

Marketing Consultant, CEO of Tribe Media

Zikria Haqiqi

Marketing Consultant, Creative Director of Tribe Media

Josh Watson

ICO Marketing Advisor, COO of Tribe Media


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