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Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies. We will offer ICOs funding to kickstart their project, boost their security, get better servers, build a technology or any other related activity in exchange for pre-ICO tokens ICO.

About Cryptfunder

Consider the potential of receiving highly discounted, pre-ICO tokens of some of the most disruptive, best oriented and forward thinking ICO startups into the future on an ongoing basis – this is exactly the opportunity Cryptfunder will exist to create, and it is our belief that funding great projects will benefit the whole crypto-community and market in the process.
Our mission is to negotiate large amounts of discounted tokens in exchange for funding in the form of cryptocurrency directly to the startup ICO. We can also receive negotiated proceeds from their initial launch of their ICO alternatively via smart contract to automate the receipt of tokens and to protect both parties. We will establish a diverse portfolio of the highest-potential tokens the market has to offer, with a lower investment cost then other buyers.

We plan to hold the majority of tokens into and beyond maturity, maximizing the investment yield for Cryptfunder and its’ token holders.

This is our core strategy concerning the accumulation of wealth within our Cryptfunder token (CFND) and representing an extreme investment portfolio that can increase in value considerably in relation to the underlying tokens held by Cryptfunder.

The Team

Kevin Sarisky


Robert Laguna


Micahel Hadzipanajotis


Ronald Aai


Santosh Singh

Blockchain / Full Stack

Rahul Bhatnagar


Warren Whitlock


Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Community Manager

Conor Maloney


Hakar Youssef Sulaiman

Graphic Design

Nathan Christian

Business Dev. & Strategy Adviser

Ismail Malik

Marketing & PR Adviser

Illia Pashkov

Blockchain / Full Stack Adviser

Giannis Stathapoulos

Exchange / Post ICO Adviser

Brennan Bennett

Fintech Strategy Adviser

Sean Brizendine

Security & Risk Adviser

Debra McCann

Social Media Adviser

Aleksi Mäkinen

Investment Strategy Adviser


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