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Orbis Money Transfer & Investment


Our team’s vision is creating a new worldwide financial branches, based on blockchain decentralized technology. Orbis Company will provide innovative transfer, payment and investment services using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This technology combined with mobile and computer software, will give mankind the opportunity to make No fee money transfers, investments and payments using our self-service cash-machines, as well as personal smartphones and computers with internet access. Our Wallet will be built in your browser so it will be no need to download heavy softwares to use our services. Orbis worldwide branches will have self-service ATM machines and Artificial Intelligence chat robots at our customers service 24/7. The team is developing an unique Blockchain , Artificial Intelligence , Virtual reality, app/desktop software in order to create the New Financial Intitution Generation by descentralizing the current banking concept.

About Orbis

OrbisSolutions in offering solutions to problem in the cryptocurrency world and all social classes.We are aiming to bring a fast, cheap and safe reach to your assets (fiat money and cryptocurrency) with mobile aplications / desktop platform and unique Futuristic Self-Service Branches all over the world:

- Our utility Orbis coin (ORBS) will have a stable price and will be used by customers to make payments , save and transfer with no fee their assets without the risk of depreciating or loosing.
- Orbis security coin (ORBSi) will be released public to cryptocurrency exchanges and traders.
- Users will be able to convert cryptocurrencies and fiat money into Orbis coins and manage them via Orbis card/smartphone apps/desktop software and in our future Orbis self-service branches worldwide.
- 24/7 Support from Virtual Artificial Intelligence Chat Robots.

The Team

Mihail Tudoroiu

CEO & Founder

Zamfirescu Alexandru

Lead Web Developer

Jaume Casas

Design, Multimedia And Creativity

Marina Arjona

Design, Multimedia And Creativity

Alexander Ionescu

Blockchain Developer

Anton Rusnov

Integration And Security Web Developer

Eduard Joseph

Support Manager

Cataleen Johnnson

Financial Director

Orsyka Vitos

Operation Director & Project Manager


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1 ORBS = 0.50 EUR
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