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Decentralized Ecosystem for P2P Finance


ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract technology. Top P2P lending companies and robo-advisors have coalesced to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders worldwide.

About ZPER

P2P Finance Alliance
Verified global P2P lending companies, information providers, and robo-advisors are part of the ZPER Alliance. The Alliance, which allows a variety of participants to freely interact and exchange values, provides a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and lenders.
All participants will be rewarded fairly for their contributions.|
Cross-border transactions
ZPER connects borrowers and lenders regardless of their countries' currency. Lenders reap higher returns, while borrowers receive loans at lower interest rates.
Risk Management by Robo-advisors 
Internationally-recognized robo-advisor algorithms constitute the global investment portfolios. The algorithm is then used to lower investment risk and provide security via investment diversification. 

The Team

Sean Shin


Suyong Park


Hoon Lee


Joe Kim


James Pack


K Wang


Sudhi Herle


Jake Kim


Natalia Lee


Kim Jun Bum

Co-founder, CEO

Sean Park

Co-founder, CSO

SJ Min


Leo Moon

Senior Software Engineer

SH Baek

Full-Stack Engineer

SH Lee

Server Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer

SH Lee


JY Min

Financial Affairs

KS Shin

Operation Strategy

DY Shin

Operation Management

JH Shin

UI/UX Designer

DY Shin


JH Kim

Community Manager

George Hahn

Co-founder, CGO


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1 ZPR = 0.0000625 ETH
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