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Building a Blockchain for Education


JoinGrowth Coin is using the blockchain technology as the basic educational solution to education. Due the to the lack of knowledge of cryptocurrency throughout society we at JoinGrowth Corporation decided to use the profits from the JGC token to create a chance at free education for students that cannot afford it.

About JoinGrowth

The JGC is designed to work on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20, its features are intergraded and has its own exchange and wallet. With have developed a payment process solution here at JGC which makes it sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem connected with the fiat currency. JGC offers many advantages to all educational programs of society and can make up to 10000 transactions on the blockchain per second. JGC is designed to work on the eth blockchain and will be used to fund educational benefits for client and donors the same.

The secure smart contract is owed by JoinGrowth Corporation and can be used as a token to fund. JoinGrowth has set up a JGC wallet that can be used to store your coins and exchange between individuals in the program. And once launched will be able to trade.

The Team

Jaime Gallegos Rosado

CEO at JoinGrowth Corporation and founder

Israel Alejandro Suaste Rivas

Co-founder JoinGrowth Coin

Lic: Ada Lidia Espinal Hernandez

Co-founder JoinGrowth Coin

Ana Cecilia de la Cruz Vazquez

Manager at JoinGrowth Corporation

Fabiola González González

CFO at JoinGrowth Coin

Miguel de Jesus Aguilar Moreno

Senior Programmer

José Manuel Trinidad Perez

Senior Programmer

Miguel Angel Romero Gallegos

Hardware specialist


Token Info

Platform Type
Price in ICO
1 JGC = 0.50 USD

Investment Info

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