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Travel Review Platform


Discoveroo is the first community curated travel review platform to incorporate blockchain technology in order to ensure legitimate and high-quality feedback as the foundation of our economic model, which will in time generate an ecosystem where supposed low quality content will be gradually filtered out by the community. To encourage this ecosystem, users that contribute quality content to the platform will be able to receive rewards in the form of tokens.

About Discoveroo

Real reviews - By real travelers.

By utilizing “Whereabouts”, our proprietary application to determine user locations, we make sure reviewers have actually been to the place they are reviewing. This way any user can gather legitimate information for the place they want to know more about.

More control for business owners.

On Discoveroo, we take owners’ satisfaction seriously, that is why we offer specialised tools to facilitate the business owners management of their page and reviews.

Rewards for contributing quality content.

Our goal is to create a platform where users will be rewarded for producing high-quality content. With a fine-tuned voting algorithm, every user will receive appropriate rewards based on multiple factors, as well as the impact their content had on the community.

Community curated platform.

On Discoveroo our main focus is quality. By creating a platform where the community will have a central role in the website’s life and in its moderation low-quality content will in time be filtered out and deleted.

No chance for fake reviews.

We incorporate sophisticated weight algorithms, granting more or less weight to user submitted reviews based on multiple factors, which leaves little to no chance for the system to be exploited.

The Team

Andrew Kaufmann


Manchu Shih


Heikki Mäkinen

Technical Advisor

Bert Spooren

Strategy Advisor

Lionel Lee

Lead Developer

Benjamin Wan


Ted Linsley


Markus Stein


Frank Oster

Legal Advisor

Libby Barnett



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