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The token for the new era of giving


AidCoin is the ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain. The AID token will power AIDChain, a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting the non-profit community while allowing full transparency and traceability of donations. AIDChain’s services include an internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into AidCoin, a built-in wallet to store and donate easily, an explorer to track donations transparently, tools to connect donors with all the actors involved in the non-profit sector and templates of smart contracts to run fundraising campaigns.

About AidCoin

AidCoin is an ERC20 utility token that allows people to donate to charities while easily tracking their donations on a public ledger (AIDTrack). AidCoin also allows charities to integrate a donation button (AIDPay) on their website that enables the acceptance of crypto currencies for their fundraising campaigns. People can donate in any crypto currency or altcoins that will be converted into AidCoin at the current exchange rate. The online donation market is $15bn in the US alone. The rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies will definitely impact the way to donate in the future and AidCoin is set to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.


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