The revolution will not be centralised

Multiven is firmly aligned with the freedom, transparency and socio-economic empowerment that Bitcoin and other public crypto currencies represent and is hereby taking the following steps to secure its future.

About Multiven

The Multiven ICO aims to: Decentralise the global $3 Trillion IT products and services market by launching the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM) – the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace that will enable everybody to buy and sell new, pre-owned and decommissioned computer and Internet network hardware, software and services on a peer-to-peer basis, without intermediaries, with Multiven Coins (“MultiCoins”) as the sole crypto-currency, powered by smart contracts. The lowered cost of acquiring and operating computers should lead to further node decentralisation into emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Associated agencies

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Community Management for Crypto Projects

The Team

Hugues Christophe-Remy

Blockchain Business Development

Peter Alfred-Adekeye

CEO & Chief Technology Architect

Romain Gilger

MOM Business Development

Paul Littré

Blockchain Partnerships

Touaiba Houmirat

Off-Chain Operations

Sebastian Schwarz

Products and Public Relations

Bogdan Fiedur

Senior Ethereum Developer

Jillian Godsil


Laurent Leloup

Chaineum CEO & Co-founder

Jeremy Seban

Blockchain & Smart-contract Developer

Philippe Decaudin

Project Team. France Blocktech co-founder

Maxime Jeantet


Nicolas Schobinger

Strategic Advisor

Victor Chow


Sean Brizendine

Advisor, Nodes-in-Orbit

Paul Scott


Gilbert Reveillon



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