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Human Disaster Recovery


After a natural disaster, we plan to bring hundreds of otherwise unavailable resources (e.g. helicopters) within range. In addition to fulfilling their contracts, they will collaborate with emergency services to evacuate those in medical need, for zero cost.


The Valhalla approach has two key components:

The Platform: The Valhalla team will build a human disaster recovery marketplace, where services and products will be paid for with Valhalla (VHL) tokens. There will be three main categories of items on the marketplace:

Immediate services: These include:

  • Human extraction services (a team to actively rescue individuals in crisis situations and take them to a safe location)
  • Provision of safe locations (compounds where extractees are safe, secure, and treated with respect): Available for multiple month stays as extractees plan their recovery.
  • Products and services (such as survival kits and satellite phones), to ensure token holders are safe and secure until they are rescued)

Coverage contracts: Many token holders may obtain contracts covering human extraction and safe relocation contracts even when there is no sign of trouble. Others may purchase when they feel a strong likelihood of an emergency (e.g. financial crisis, military invasion or natural disaster), Those who wait until the event occurs will purchase immediate services (as above). Under the law of supply and demand, contracts purchased far in advance are likely to be significantly cheaper than immediate services.

The Vendor Market: The Valhalla team will partner with multiple vendors to build the supply for the market. While there are some teams that offer some of these services, they are often limited in scope ( e.g. medivac evacuation in a narrow geographic range to nearby hospitals). Our team will also work with property managers around the globe to provide secure compounds, where extractees can live well in comfort.

To prime the market the Valhalla team will invest in properties to ensure tokenholders will have a place of refuge e.g. in the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia. These locations will be held to a high standard and be called a ‘Valhalla’, and available on our market. However, over time it is likely many other vendors will build and offer similar properties in multiple regions.

We may also assist with building human extraction teams. Those that achieve a high standard will be designated ‘Valkyries’ (in memory of the ancient Valkyries who swept down from the heavens to scoop up the heroes who had fallen on the battlefield). Our core team will assist with vetting vendor capabilities and capacities. When an unexpected crisis happens, it is expected the market price of immediate services will surge and market availability will be significantly decreased. Token holders who hold active conditional contracts would be at a considerable advantage.

The Team

Mike Burstyn

Legal & Crypto

Shawn Carpenter


Robert McMahon

IT Ops



Navarasu Dhanasekar

Audit & Compliance

David Koehler

Finance & Tax

Ken Baylor

Privacy and Security

Jim Foley


Blake Campbell


Nathan Wilkins


Robert Hansen


Mark Bowling


Alec Lawton

Security & Developer

Sarah Williams

Community Manager

Jack Baylor

Security & Developer


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