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Mosaic is a decentralized market intelligence network which tackling two of the most pressing problems plaguing the cryptoasset space today: unreliable and insufficient data and research and an overall painful user experience for market participants. Mosaic solves these problems by providing a database platform and decentralized market intelligence network with an intuitive user interface. By solving these two problems we believe Mosaic will become the foremost crypto-asset app - the gateway to the crypto world - where people get their data and research, discuss ideas with other members of the community, and manage their portfolios.

About Mosaic

After finally breaking into the mainstream consciousness, it has become clear that cryptoassets are now in a precarious and dangerous position. With each additional victim of a pump-and-dump scheme and new bit of disinformation spread about existing projects of high worth, the crypto community grows weaker and faces a heightened risk of regulatory crackdown and public loss of faith. We must act quickly to seize back control.

That is why we present Mosaic - decentralized market intelligence network. The Mosaic platform is focused on developing and distributing research and market data, and it is built on a trusted blockchain network. It is both a shelter from the storm of disinformation and a more accountable, outcome-driven way to measure and reward competent analysis in the cryptoasset space. The requirement for ID verified user registration eliminates the influence of bots and faceless shills, while the immutability of a public blockchain binds researchers to their long-run asset price predictions. 

Vetted Mosaic contributors are required to disclose any cryptoasset holdings or other potential conflicts of interest prior to publishing research. The Mosaic protocol provides a distributed, immutable, and transparent ledger that incentivizes the publication of reliable research, and it can be used to evaluate the quality of researchers. Users read, discuss, and rate content and contributors, and incentives are tied to a unique cryptocurrency, the Mosaic token (MZX), which has been designed to reward both quantity and quality of contributions on the Network.

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The Team

Alex Bradford

Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Garrick Hileman

Co-Founder and CEO / Head of Research

Alpkaan Celik

Chief Data Scientist

Dr. David Horning, CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Ben Fisch

Software Developer

Bryan Lemster

Software Developer

Andrey Gubar

Software Developer

Eugene Panasenko

Software Developer

Zafar Gilani

Software Developer

James Larisch

Senior Blockchain Researcher

Simon Janin

Blockchain Researcher

Andy Yee

Senior Researcher

Andrew Hawley

Contributing Author

Lanre Ige


Dang Du


Lauren Stephanian


Jason Yannos


Reid Tymcio


Dustin Ares


Ihor Pidruchny

Software Developer

Andrew Zubko

Software Developer

Ilya Cernenko

Software Developer

Yury Smirnov

Design Lead

George Vasyagin

Design Director

Prabhakar Reddy



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