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Rublix is developing a unique ecosystem for investors, traders and market professionals. A place where reputation and accuracy dominates. Created by Rublix, one of the most advanced DApps, Hedge, is designed for traders to share high-quality information verified using smart contracts and an immutable blockchain constructed to showcase prominent information. Hedge is a place where experienced traders can earn RBLX tokens for providing accurate predictions and where trading newcomers can gain access to these predictions using RBLX tokens.

About Rublix

Until now, the primitive nature of blockchain technology and the lack of on-chain resources have hindered complex blockchain innovation and has posed restrictions on the development of exciting and elaborate DApps. Many blockchain architectures suffer from a number of issues: extensibility, scalability and on-chain data availability. We believe these problems stem from the relationship between two very important parts of the consensus architecture - canonicality and validity - being too closely associated. Furthermore, the use of Oracles adds a centralized party to manage off-chain data which defeats the true purpose of blockchains' core functionality.

This Rublix whitepaper introduces an architecture that integrates a strategic consensus method for reliable market data accessible on-chain.

Rublix is proposing a trustless and decentralized blockchain that enables real-time market pricing data to be accessed on-chain while maintaining integrity by utilizing several data sources and a unique consensus agreement to determine accurate values. This gives traders, fund managers, investors and users of any kind the power to write smart contracts with the added ability of executing commands based on an underlying price of a stock, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange market, et al.

The Team

David Waslen

CEO & Co-Founder

Peter Danihel

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Adrian Radulescu

Full Stack Developer

Chris Chan

Data Scientist

Jeff Chin

Digital Media Manager

Rhys Boulanger

SEO & Marketing

Vida Moayedi

Front End Developer

Simon Gerovich

Chairman Red Planet Hotels

Irina Demina

VP Argon Group

Elena Ershova

Managing Partner Afina Capital

Eric Godwin

CEO Cypherbridge Capital

Nagu Thogiti

Blockchain Specialist

Viven Kalia

Blockchain Developer


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