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ChronoBase (PreICO)

ChronoBase (PreICO)

Secure Your Watch With Blockchain Technology


ChronoBase is a unified ecosystem for luxury watch owners, dealers and manufacturers. We are creating a truly global ecosystem to store the watch profiles, with the current status (stolen, lost, or any other events), as well as their provenance and service history. ChronoBase will become a reliable and easily accessible decentralized database with the information on thousands of luxury watches, which are registered by manufacturers and owners. The entire lifecycle of a timepiece- from manufacturing to end user - will be recorded in blockchain, enabling value retention and a secure marketplace. There are no competing projects known at this time.

About ChronoBase (PreICO)

Marketplace will become the core of the ecosystem, where watch owners will be able to retain their collection and offer any items for sale. Digital certificates, issued by ChronoBase, will protect customers from fakes and will assist in keeping track of the watch provenance. In addition, an escrow service will make it possible to safely buy and sell luxury watches. Another monumental task is achieved by casting away intermediaries, to improve watch prices for the interested buyers.

Blockchain is a modern buzz word, yet the underlying technology may offer new opportunities and improve the existing processes. Everything that is not possible to achieve in a centralized database can now exist in a decentralized and secure form. The key about blockchain is the trust. When integrity and information safety and long term retention are of paramount importance, blockchain technology is a perfect fit.

Deep insight into the blockchain technology allows the project team to analyse various markets, where the issue of data safety and retention are nowadays acute and persistent. The luxury watch market is the one where this issue really manifests itself.

The Team

Andreas Fleischer


Claus Jungmann


Daniela Albertus

Marketing Director

Yves Nadoll

Software Architect

Viacheslav Fisenko

Business Development CIS/CEE

Zhang Qiangqiang

Business Development China

Sebastian Fleischer


Rob Masri



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