Cryptocurrencies: 14,867
Markets: 436
ICO's: 5,029
Market Cap: $2,448,199,735,132


Reputation layer empowered by opinions web-wide

Mainnet contracts (EOS)

Yup is a network that rewards you for good opinions. By doing so, it creates a social consensus layer for the internet, accurately representing the agreed-upon social value of anything, from random Tweets to your history professor. It does this by interacting with the Yup Protocol, which is a decentralized semi-autonomous social consensus protocol that determines the rewards and social value of all content based on users' interactions with it.

Active Users

Daily: 875
Weekly: 1,465
Monthly: 11,056


Daily: 32,550
Weekly: 228,370
Monthly: 1,313,678


Daily: 0
Weekly: 40
Monthly: 40