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ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $358,780,597,846
24h Vol: $98,265,370,581
Dominance: 60.4%
Saturn Network

Saturn Network

Peer-to-peer one transaction uncensorable exchange

Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange for trading ERC20 or ERC223 tokens, it is being developed to be cross-chain and is currently live on Ethereum & Ethereum Classic. Saturn Network has a unique implementation as it is truly decentralized and has an orderbook which is completely on chain which is uncensorable. Trading on Saturn Network is quick and effortless, as there is no need to fill in a KYC or set up an account: all trading happens wallet to wallet in one transaction so you never have to face problems with deposits or withdrawals because you never give up control of your funds. All you need is a dApp browser like MetaMask, Cipher, Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet. All paid trading fees are reimbursed via our loyalty program in SATURN tokens and our exchange's profits are distributed among our token holders. Another key feature is our automated token self-listing, which is a free process: you can list any asset and start trading it within minutes. The future is bright!
Saturn Network

Active Users

Daily: 10
Weekly: 76
Monthly: 285


Daily: 12
Weekly: 174
Monthly: 938


Daily: 37.235
Weekly: 83.768
Monthly: 359.852