Cryptocurrencies: 4,559
Markets: 24,809
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $353,824,938,113
24h Vol: $74,684,263,194
Dominance: 60.4%


Peer-to-peer ETH-to-fiat & BTC-to-fiat marketplace

Mainnet contracts (Ethereum)

LocalCrypto strives to be the most secure and private marketplace that crypto has seen. It's one of the easiest and safest ways to swap ETH/BTC for fiat currency and vice versa. Unlike other over-the-counter marketplaces, we’re the first to implement a completely in-browser cryptography setup to protect you off and on the blockchain. The escrow account is a decentralized Ethereum smart contract. Rather than trusting a centralized authority to hold your ETH/BTC, LocalCrypto's escrow system is trust-free. Every conversation is protected by strong end-to-end encryption to secure your privacy. We can only decrypt your messages if the key is volunteered; e.g. during a payment dispute. Optionally, you can log in without a password by using a compatible Ethereum wallet. Most popular wallets including imToken, MetaMask and Ledger are compatible.

Active Users

Daily: 148
Weekly: 895
Monthly: 2,742


Daily: 387
Weekly: 3,317
Monthly: 14,026


Daily: 397.542
Weekly: 2,679.945
Monthly: 11,474.44