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Markets: 436
ICO's: 5,029
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A Yield Optimizer in the Klaytn ecosystem

Mainnet contracts (Klaytn)

KlayFi is a Yield Optimizer that provides the user-oriented Yield Farming experience to KLAYswap users. In addition to convenient auto-farming, earn maximum yield returns by utilizing the governance and economy of KLAYswap. KlayFi is inspired by innovative Yield Farming models like PancakeBunny, Yearn Finance, Curve Finance, Convex Finance, and Synthetix. Our team redesigned these models and developed a progressive DeFi protocol, KlayFi, to bring innovative Yield Farming in the Klaytn ecosystem. These protocols are highly recognized by communities. KlayFi specifically studied the following protocols in depth; The seamless auto-compounding user experience of PancakeBunny, Proposing the optimal investment strategy for users of Yearn Finance, and mainly utilizing the governance model and token economy of DeFi pool in Convex Finance.

Active Users

Daily: 572
Weekly: 1,806
Monthly: 2,647


Daily: 2,189
Weekly: 16,622
Monthly: 51,936