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Geon App

Geon App

Visit locations. Get Paid.

Mainnet contracts (POA)

Geon App allows you to get paid for visiting real-world locations. Just open the app, find a Geon on the map, travel to it and geomine Geon Coins stored in it. Geons are Augmented Reality (AR) objects, which you can experience in the Geon app on your smartphone if you are in close proximity to a Geon. There are over 1.5 MILLION Geons all over the world and you can geomine coins stored in any of them. Users can also create new Geons, which means there will be more popping up around you every day. Once you collect your free Geon Coins, you can exchange them for a number of rewards at the Geon Store: ◊ Steam gift cards ◊ Random Steam games ◊ PayPal Gifts ◊ Netflix vouchers with more to come! So how does it work? Download the Geon App (see the Geon Network website URL on this page). Look for a Geon nearby and get within the geomining range (e.g. 150 meters/yards). Geomine the coins. Swap the coins for cool items in the Geon Store or create a new Geon and load it with your coins!
Geon App

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