Cryptocurrencies: 4,681
Markets: 25,215
ICO's: 4,983
Market Cap: $350,864,868,696
Dominance: 60.3%


Connecting users and companies through beauty data

Mainnet contracts (Klaytn)

Cosmochain is a blockchain project based on beauty data, founded in March of 2018. We aim to contribute to the development of beauty ecosystem by systematically managing data incurred within beauty industry, and by providing data to those in demand through our platform. On June 2019, Cosmochain launched its first main dApp service ‚ÄúFitsMe‚ÄĚ based on the 1.5 million data points incurred through its pilot service ‚ÄúCOSMEE‚ÄĚ. So far, FitsMe is among the fastest growing DApp, ranking 6th within Beauty Category of Google Play Store. FitsMe provides values to beauty consumers within Cosmochain‚Äôs ecosystem while serving as the means for collecting beauty data from consumers. FitsMe is a beauty product recommendation and content curation service, based on a recommendation algorithm that combines personal purchase and preference data with product data.

Active Users

Daily: 3,184
Weekly: 20,566
Monthly: 57,475


Daily: 16,072
Weekly: 180,170
Monthly: 809,373